• Win Jack's Stuff 2005, Eyeblaster
  • Win Jack's Stuff 2005, 300x250
  • Win Jack's Stuff 2005, 160x600
  • Win Jack's Stuff 2005, 728x90
PROJECT:    "Win Jack's Stuff" 2005 Campaign
ROLE(S):    Lead Designer / Flash Designer / Flash Developer
DESCRIPTION:    The ads for this campaign mirrored the experience of peeling the sticker from the Jack in the Box drinking cups. It was a great success because visitors to publisher sites instantly connected with the concept and engaged the ad unit (i.e. "peeled" the sticker to see what they could win).

Jack in the Box

My work for the Jack in the Box banner campaigns was performed while I was lead designer for Apollo Interactive in Culver City, CA. "Jack" as a character allowed us to have fun with the ads we designed for their promotions.